Who we are & how we support you

The Graduate Writers’ Collaborative is the group of graduate students and alumni from SFSU’s Creative Writing program. Together, we form a sort of unofficial student union specific to the grad students in SFSU’s Creative Writing program. We are that first source of support for you—for each other—within the department. The GWC is not formally affiliated with either the CW department, or SFSU. And whatever you see on this website is the GWC’s not-at-all-official, entirely unauthorized (haha) take on things.

We came into existence in May 2020 in order to advocate for a just, equitable environment for grad students in the CW department, and to help build and maintain a thriving, close-knit, supportive community of MFA and MA writers. We host both recurring and one-time Events for you (really, it’s mostly our excuse to hang out with our amazing classmates). We advocate for our classmates and stand against oppression in any form. We help build stronger ties within our program. And we carry our collective voice to the CW faculty, sharing with them our concerns and requests. We are honored to work with our teachers in our efforts.

We keep things transparent, organized, informal and emotionally squishy. And, again, although we collaborate with CW faculty to help make the department a great place to be, we are not formally affiliated with SFSU or the CW department.