Read on to meet the people who keep the GWC ticking. Drop any of us a line to join the team!

Neha Bagchi

She or they pronouns.

I’m on the translation track because I like playing with and between languages, but might defect to fiction (novel/novellae; short stories kinda weird me out). I’m currently working on two novels (bad idea; do not recommend) and a particularly hairy poetry translation project. I also write questionable poetry and kinda cheesy songs. Contact me with whatever’s on your mind, especially if you’re feeling lost, overwhelmed or uncertain. Eat a snack, drink some water, and drop me a note.

Kirsten Dualan

She/her pronouns.

I studied Creative Writing and History as an undergraduate so I could write Pulitzer-prize winning Marxist fanfiction. In the past I’ve interned at The Lab and assisted CW101 and CW 512. When I’m not writing, I attend punk rock shows, paint portraits, and investigate ghosts. You can see my writing in Transfer 114. Talk to me about pop culture, generative writing, and ancient family curses.

Nancy K. Fishman

She/her pronouns; will answer to he and they.

I write fiction and short plays about how people fit into their communities and families—from Jewish to Italian to Queer to New Yorkers, Mid-Westerners, and the denizens of the Bay Area; how sexuality and desire influence the choices that people make; and how memory and love cross the boundaries of death. I’ve worked in film for 25 years. I am currently working on a novel.

Vanessa Hamill

She/her pronouns.

I’m a writer and visual artist. I enjoy poetry in all the ways it interacts with traditional and digital art, design, printmaking, editing, as well as writing and drawing comics. Contact me if you need help accessing resources on campus, as I have been involved with student-led organizations at SF State since 2014 (i.e. leadership roles in both the Queer Alliance and the Queer and Trans Resource Center) or if you just want to chat.

Maddy Löfberg

She/her pronouns.

On my good days, I’m a writer; on my bad days I’m quietly rethinking every choice I’ve made in the last fifteen years. I was an undergrad at SFSU; I’m now getting my MFA (Creative Non-Fiction) and probably my MA too (California teaching requirement). If you need a shoulder to lean on or if you have any questions about anything, email me!

Allie Rigby

I am a poet, an editor and an educator. I’m on the poetry track in the MA program but considering the MFA too. I am all about mental health and making sure people know they are not alone, as well as how to get support. Reach out any time!

TreVaughn Roach-Carter

He/him pronouns.

Black, Queer, and usually a hot mess. I’m on the fiction track because I dream of writing an empire of Young Adult and Fantasy Novels, I also dabble in “literary” short stories. I also write list poetry on rare occasion. Contact me with questions or concerns or just to say “hello!”

Zac Russi

He/him pronouns.

Like you, I am an ever-ephemeral and adaptable human being. At this moment my medium is fiction writing, but I also enjoy creating music and cooking up foods. I love learning and despise the feeling of being stuck, which always leaves me looking for a door. Unpublished but working to publish. Fall 2020 recipient of the Joe Brainard Fellowship.

Chino Lee Scott-Chung

He/him pronouns.

I love writing about ancestral stories and about the intersections of my identities as a Chinese Mexican Mixed-Race Disabled transmasculine father. I’m passionate about social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion of all of our beautiful communities and voices. I published a short story in 2002 “I Walked into the Oaks Club,” in GENDERqUEER, voices from beyond the sexual binary. I received the 2019 Graduate Equity Fellowship and the 2020 Edward B. Kaufman Scholarship.

Julia Shackelford

She/her pronouns.

I was born in San Antonio, TX and grew up in a live oak forest, my body covered in crisp cedar nettles and the sap of strawberry Popsicles. Traveling an hour and a half north to attend the University of Texas at Austin, I discovered a love for building fictional worlds in dark studios and the satisfaction of a well-spliced word, graduating with a BS in Film and a BA in English. After a short stint just east of the state line, I headed west to California, where I invented scenes for fictional educators in interactive learning games and helped documentarians distribute their films across public media. I’m currently pursuing my MFA in fiction at SFSU.

Thank you, GWC Founding Members!

The GWC was founded in May 2020. (What a year. Damn.) The original founding crew consisted of:
Neha Bagchi (MFA ‘2x)
Samantha Cosentino Baker (MFA ‘2x)
Sheila Bare (MFA ‘2x)
Dasha Bulatova (MFA ’19)
Kirsten Dualan (MFA ‘2x)
Nancy K. Fishman (MFA ‘2x)
Vanessa Hamill (MFA ‘2x)
Maddy Löfberg (MFA ‘2x)
London Pinkney (MFA ‘2x)
Tre-Vaughn Malik Roach-Carter (MFA ‘2x)
Zac Russi (MFA ‘2x)
Chino Lee Scott-Chung (MFA ‘2x)
Julia Shackelford (MFA ‘2x)
[‘2x just means we’re planning to graduate some time this decade. Wish us luck.]

The Larger Crew

Once you’ve worked with us for a semester, you’re part of our Larger Crew for good, even if you’ve had to step back for a bit, or if you’ve graduated. Thank you for everything you’ve done to help make our department the wonderful place it is.

Samantha Cosentino-Baker
Sheila Bare
Aleesha Lange
Dasha Bulatova
London Pinkney