Who you are

(Don’t know who you are? That’s okay. We’re all on a journey of discovery… or something.)

Incoming graduate student

Welcome! We’re delighted to have you here. Start with an overview of how to prep for the semester, and then poke around the website to learn more.

Alumnus of graduate program

Greetings, Elder! We bow before your wisdom and experience. Also, we miss you. Come hang out with us some time.

Prospective MFA/MA student

For now, check out the department website; write to faculty to learn about their work; or reach out to one of us.

Current graduate student

Welcome back! The GWC is new, and we’re here for YOU. Woo! WOOO! (Who left me in charge? Fools.)

Undergraduate student

Hello! We’re a grad student org, but please drop CW undergrad Christina Chrisco a note–she runs a writing group for CW undergrads.

Faculty / staff

What are you doing here?! No grown-ups allowed, keep out, abandon all hope, etc.! Just kidding; you know we adore you. Feel free to look around. If you have ideas, suggestions, comments, questions, drop us a note.