Who we are + what we do

Who the GWC is

Although the GWC is primarily for graduate students, part of our “things we care about” is you, the undergrads in the department. That’s why the Undergrad Liaison group exists as part of the GWC: we want to help you feel supported and safe in the Creative Writing department.

All the Undergrad Liaisons, who are currently Masters students, were Creative Writing undergrads at SFSU. So we’ve been in your shoes. We know the importance of community and support, which are more important now than ever, with all our classes online, and with the world as uncertain and unnerving as it is.

Whether you are an incoming transfer student, an intro student interested in what the program has to offer, or an established student within the program — the GWC’s Undergrad Liaison crew is here for you!

How we support you

We’re your big siblings in the department. ❤ Accordingly, we do the following:

  • Host a weekly writing session on Mondays
  • Advocate for you when you need support concerning issues within the department
  • Serve as mentor/guide to help you navigate your classes and the program as a whole
  • Help create a warm, supportive, inclusive environment for you in the CW department.

Weekly writing sessions

What it is

A 60-minute Zoom writing session meant to be a space for people to write (as opposed to share or critique) and get to know other people in the program. 15 minutes of check in at the beginning and 15-30 minutes of room for questions about the program and socializing after we write.

Whom it’s for

Undergraduate students in the Creative Writing program and C W101 students interested in joining the program. 

When + where

Monday, Aug. 31, 2020, 6 pm-7:45 pm
and every week thereafter, at the same time.

We will send a Zoom link via email. Please feel free to share the link directly with your classmates, but please do not post it on social media. 

Meet your liaisons

Email any of us directly for support and questions. Learn more about us and meet the rest of the GWC team here.

Kirsten Dualan
Pronouns: She/Her
Genre: Fiction
Email: kdualan@mail.sfsu.edu

Maddy Löfberg 
Pronouns: She/Her
Genre: Nonfiction
Email: mlofberg87@gmail.com

London Pinkney 
Pronouns: She/Her
Genre: Fiction, Poetry
Email: lpinkney@sfsu@gmail.com

TreVaughn Malik Roach-Carter
Pronouns: He series 
Genre: Fiction
Email: troachcarter@mail.sfsu.edu

Zac Russi 
Pronouns: he/him
Genre: Fiction
Email: zrussi@sfsu@gmail.com